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Goal $500 000
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AirPod Smart Napping pod is a perfect all-in-one solution that gives an initial customer, airport transit passenger an ambient of living, sleeping room and working cabinet all-in-one in a totally private environment while solving one of the biggest problems airports and their passengers have.

Monthly profits generated by AirPod's placed at the airport will be distributed to every IEO participants via a SmartContract.
Project Overview
Project Overview
Project description
AirPod Unit is a Smart Napping pod that will offer an opportunity for privacy and comfort in public places like airports, business offices, academics (camps), venues, hospitals, railway and bus stations where people are not used to having such options.

It is a private napping spot for resting, relaxing and working when on-the-go. It is a solution where you can take a nap, surf the web, get revitalized or entertain yourself at the perfect private place in the busiest places.

The company is setting a new standard with the best solution at the market at the moment in a very new and fast-growing napping pod industry worth over USD 500 million in size. Our primary target market is largest 284 international airports, starting with the Middle East.

AIRPOD's vision consists of two parts - the first part is to provide people with privacy in the hectic place and the second part is to become the market leader in a fast-growing industry with a breakthrough business model. AIRPOD company places units at airports and other public places for free and then shares the revenue between business participants.

This is why our vision requires more capital for production - we chose SHORTEX IEO as one of the pieces of fundraising puzzle.

Token usage & ecosystem

Because of the business model that shares the revenue among the participants, the company can share profit produced by AirPod units with investors.

At 6-hourr average daily occupancy of AirPod unit and the usage price 15EUR/hour, it is expected to give IEO participant a 70% ROI per annum (f.e. current market leader has almost 13 hours of average daily occupancy).

In addition, he is entitled to a portion of the profits of the AirPod units he has purchased through IEO and can sell it at any time.

The only technical thing which has to be done by participants is to swap the IEO token with sponsorship/profit share token at the beginning of 2020 when AirPod units will be installed at airports in larger numbers.

APODpool#1 token holders will be entitled to the share of profit from the operating Pool of AirPods.

Profits will be shared between the Issuing Entity and APODpool#1 token holders in the share 20 (twenty) percent to 80 (eighty) percent (in favour of token holders). In this case, profit equals to all the revenues deriving from the pool of AirPods, deducted for:

- operating costs of AirPods (including costs paid to the Company);
- commission for the airports;
- commission for the distributor of AirPods;
- transaction fees (gas within Ethereum network).

Each token holder will be entitled to the amount of profit proportionate to his/hers share among the token holders.

Profit will be distributed to APODpool#1 token holders on a monthly basis, using Ethereum smart contract (self-executed program code). Profits will be paid in APOD Tokens, directly to the token holder's e-wallet. APOD Tokens are utility tokens, issued by the Company and their purpose is to act as a payment currency within the AirPod Ecosystem.

Once token holder will receive APOD tokens into the e-wallet, these tokens will be instantly exchangeable to fiat currency.
Launchpad Hard Cap
500 000 USD
Total Token Supply
500 000 APODIEO
Public Sale Token Price
1 USD (price in ETH will be determined on the 1st day of the IEO)
Launchpad Allocation
500 000 APODIEO
Token Type
Token Distribution
Use of funds
Software development
Airpod unit Production
Token allocation
Team & Key Advisors
Gregor Mrgole
Founder and CEO
Dejan Černi
Head of Production
Drago Bilić
Miran Pavlič
Business Developer

Production Supervisor
Urška Primčič
Miša Korošec
Petra Znoj
PR and Marketing Assistant

Director Of PR
Assistant to CEO
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SHORTEX does not give any investment, legal, tax, financial advice or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising. Information on this webpage is presented by a project and is not endorsed or verified by SHORTEX unless it is explicitly stated.
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