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Do you have a promising project? Let's join forces

It has been a fascinating journey for Shortex so far! We have grown from a small team of enthusiasts to an international company with >40 employees in more than 20 countries.

Who we are? Within the new Shortex crypto ecosystem, users can enjoy secure trading, invest in the most promising new projects, pay for products with crypto and transfer digital assets to each other. And all that in one place with a user-friendly design.

Go and check out the platform right now!

We're looking for new investment opportunities: IEO is one of the hottest crypto topics this year. In the past, investors needed to wait for another round or even IPO to liquidate its position. Now, with IEOs, venture capital became liquid! IEO is indeed an amazing way to scale and build businesses through secure fundraising.

If you are still skeptical about this tool, take a look at some of our results: 5 projects have successfully completed their IEOs and many more are about to conduct it with the help of our platform. Check the Launchpad for more info. So, if you have a promising project, shoot an application here and let's discuss joining forces.

Shortex at Blockcrypto Brazil
We are really thankful to every single person that visited our stand at Blockcrypto in Brazil.

Fantastic insights, new ideas and plenty of new partnerships and contacts.

Shortex is very positive about the economic future of Brazil. The country is rich with smart and talented people.