Bridge AMA: Recap and Winners
We had a great AMA with the BRIDGE team in the Shortex community last night. We've collected some of the questions and answers. Join our future AMAs to participate in discussions.

- Is FOREX new to Thailand?

Forex has existed for over a decade in Thailand already. BRIDGE has been in business for over 4 years in Thailand. They are now taking the system global with Bridgecoin.

- How did the coronavirus affect BRIDGE projects?

Covid-19 inevitably affected every project and business. The BRIDGE is not an exception, however, the team sees this as an opportunity to push even more promotion while others are too scared to promote.

- What are the results of the 1st round?

Results of first-round weren't up to BRIDGE expectations which may due to various causes, however, they truly believe in their infrastructure and business model where they see it as a long term plan rather than just to raise funds from the market.

- BRIDGE mentioned that the purpose of their project is to be as cost-effective and safe as possible, how do they achieve these two objectives?

For safety, they have chosen stellar protocol; BRIDGE can be cost-effective by eliminating cost from PSP's.

- How does BRIDGE plan to expand your project to a global market?

By building partnerships with existing influencers in the global market place.

- What's the BRIDGE team's background?

They are currently a team of over 40 members and we come from different backgrounds with different experiences from different industries. One thing they have in common is love for technology and the solutions it can create for us.

- Forex has bad associations. How does BRIDGE can change that?

It is a matter of perspective and branding. It is difficult to explain it shortly, but in simple words: BRIDGE is marketing to those who believe in what we believe.

- Has market integration been successful so far? What are the benefits for investors from both "worlds"?

BRIDGE private sales sector attracted over 1M USD in the time taken for 1st IEO session. We are looking to expand more. Yes, a rate anticipated. Forex Traders on Blockchain

- Which specific aspects of technology and marketing strategy make the BRIDGE team believe that their project will be successful?

They develop own technology, which is cost-effective and that also allow to be more hands-on. As for marketing strategy, they've only just started to promote, and it is only the start of their marketing campaign.

- Is crypto legal Thailand? What is BRIDGE's legal status?

Even though it's not really related to our project but yes, 7 main Cryptocurrencies are already legalized in Thailand.

For BRIDGE, Thailand is just one of the operating locations in which they also abide under the local law for any of their operations that aren't related to Cryptocurrency as of right now.

Other Cryptocurrency-related operations are aligned under other jurisdictions and not in Thailand.

- Where is Bridge product actually used for solving the real-world problem?

The real-world problem which the team wants to take on is to eliminate global poverty.

Nearly 1/2 of the world's population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day.

1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

Imagine when we could achieve to open a OnePAMM account for 3 Billion people and let their account compound over 20 years with 5% monthly return.

Everyone becomes a millionaire, in theory.

- What distinguishes the BRIDGE project from other projects? In which countries does it operate now?

What sets BRIDGE apart from other project is the fact that we have operational technology that can be applied, so they can focus on marketing, they currently have three different offices in Cyprus, Singapore, Thailand.

- Are OneClickCopyTrade, ONEPAMM, and ONEPRIME parts of the BRIDGE family? If yes, what was the reason behind separating them into three different brands?

They serve as 3 ecosystems, each with a distinct niche in the entire design. Consider them facilities/services on various aspects of the trade.

The ecosystem has already been developed , funds have been invested. Crowdfunding is currently directed to the development of Phase 2 products.

- Does BRIDGE hold any global events which I can visit?

They were planning to go on a conference tour in Asia and Europe, but the coronavirus situation held them back. BRIDGE is currently only hosting private events for inner circle investors and influencers.

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