As coronavirus threats increase, the crypto community is beating new records

The last couple of weeks have been rough and unstable for the majority of people. Many people seek to immunize themselves from a possible threat. Instability is not some illusionary mirage on the horizon; it is already here - manifested in real-time market movements. Since remote working and avoidance of public spaces are the only options available, people are looking for alternative ways of saving money, investing and studying.

China faced total quarantine in January and currently, there is a huge demand for crypto-related activities among those who stayed at home and wanted to diversify their source of income, as well as learn about the technology and the ways it could be beneficial for them.

As a result of this, IEO and crowdfunding results are beating all the records and provide an amazing opportunity for crypto enthusiasts across the globe. The limitless nature of work in the cryptoeconomics - with project teams scattered around the world and the predominance of virtual conferences - should mean greater stability. It is essential for European countries in the current falling market to explore this opportunity the same way the Asian market does. While others will slowly be gaining strength after the epidemic, you will already be at full speed.

The decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space has a particular advantage for this kind of planning since many technical workers are already used to creating complex projects from scratch, without physically gathering in the corporate office buildings. The same goes for any other crypto-related procedures and projects. Many of the companies in the industry have developed their ways to deal with the threat of coronavirus, and there is obvious evidence that the entrepreneurial spirit is also strengthening.

The question of how to ensure the excellent functioning of various enterprises in the cryptocurrency economy in the event of the spread of coronavirus is especially relevant for several reasons. As a coronavirus struck the traditional stock market, the value of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies was relatively higher, although the market as a whole fell. Ultimately, the success of Bitcoin as the currency of the future does not depend on its price at any given time. Instead, Bitcoin will flourish as long as the people who make up the crypto space can treat it like a living creature, supporting the engines of economic transactions, while the community can adhere to its belief in the crypto future.

If you are a project that was planning to raise funds through crowdfunding, now is a great time. Do not be afraid of the falling bitcoin price, a huge amount of investors act when the market is in decline to invest in the most favorable conditions. In addition, there is a large increase in Internet traffic. As a result, marketing becomes even more effective.

P.S. Stay calm, safe & take care.

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