As coronavirus threats increase, the crypto community is beating new records

GLBrain is a new-age solution for online community management, digital marketing, content-sharing, and communication services.

It's a revolutionary technology, and features offer absolute privacy and data control along with total trust and transparency. It is offering unmatched features for all kinds of online communities that range from private users and small to medium-sized businesses utilizing the standard features, over to large organizations and communities that benefit from larger-scale tailored solutions. Furthermore, blockchain technology and offers absolute privacy.

The solution is providing scalable systems, privacy and data control, customized community management solutions, and blockchain technology to create secure and independent records of any form of agreement, transaction, or certification performed on the network.

GLBrain Features include:

The content and online community management part of GLBrain.

Present yourself, create, and manage your online community. Create or read content, social movements, and polls or follow unique authors. Read all the content in your language.

The online store for products, services, jobs, and real estate.

Create your online Mall Profile and publish your offers. Unique geographical selection and transaction attributes help the search process and advertising.

The communication part of GLBrain.

Communicate with your friends in your language, post pictures, and share all posts to all your other social networks while experiencing guaranteed privacy and no advertising.

GLB is a utility coin ready to use within the GLBrain Network, allowing a 20% discount on all rates. Maximum 300 Million GLB have been created and some of them will be distributed through the IEO. No downside risk as GLBrain can always be spent with a 20% discount on GLBrain. Full upside potential as services are priced in fiat, and a higher value of GLBrain will pay for more services on GLBrain.

How are GLBrain and GLB Used?

Standard and Сustomized Solutions for Online Community Management

  • Standard solutions for private and business users.

  • Hyperchain and Blockchain solutions for the unique needs of large online communities.

  • Private Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.
Present yourself to your Online Community

  • Free standard and professional user profile for private users and organizations.

  • Create and publish professional content.

  • Create your online store for Products, Services, Jobs, and Real Estate.
Professional Online Community Management

  • Present yourself within your community and target geography.

  • Create and manage your online community with the standard and customized tools

  • Communicate in more than 106 languages.

  • Share your entire content, GLMall offerings, and profile page within your community and to all your other social network accounts.
Buy GLBrain Services at a 20 % Discount

  • Professional and Online Shop Profile.

  • Additional product packages for your online storefront.

  • Advertising banners are showing alongside GLBrain content.

  • Tailored community management and blockchain solutions.
Get rewarded in GLB for bringing your community and followers to GLBrain. Create and share content on GLBrain and all other social networks while earning money through revenue-sharing derived from adverts shown with your content.

Use GLBrain to create content and earn GLB for all advertising banners shown along with your content.

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