Five ways not to display your product
Presenting your product to someone should be short and precise.

Here are five ways to not display your product:

1. "We are unique."
This does not say anything about your product. Unique compared to who / what?

Sorry to break this for you, but you are probably not unique, which is reasonable if you can seem crazy and move fast.

2. "We are Uber / Airbnb / Wordpress for XYZ."

A good analogy, but you cast aside your brilliance and give it to companies with billions of dollars worth of sales, and still don't say anything about your product.

3. "We are going to change the world/search / mobile / blog / etc."

This is great if you are confident in your product, but it does not say anything, except, perhaps, the vertical in which you are. Making unreasonable statements like this will make you sound too cheeky at an early stage. Be humble and show some humility; you never know how the person you meet can help you move forward.

4. "We have been working on this for four years, and we think it's cool."

I understand that your product is your child. But then again, such things do not say anything about the product itself. This basically falls into the same category that your site crashed due to your impressive launch, while it just means that you got crappy hosting.

5. "Many people say that they like it."

You are trying to get feedback from someone you think you know, but this is not an argument. Especially if you are going to change the world, as you said earlier, this statement makes no sense. And what is shocking is that it says nothing about the product.

If you think that your product solves a real problem and you want the whole world to know about it, you also need a slogan. Well, do not use any of these meaningless ones.

It is quite simple. Keep it short and concise:

Show enthusiasm and make your step individual!

Tell us about the problem you are solving.

Show your decision.

Show early results if you have them.

Why are you a man/woman/team who is about to deliver this to the moon?

How can I help you? Asking for specific feedback is also good. It's hard to help when your question is simple: "what do you think?"

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