Canlead IEO
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Goal $500 000
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Round 1 - 20% bonus from 23.09.2019 to 06.10.2019

Round 2 - 20% bonus for TBD period
We are a London-based business that operates the world's first AI driven job and business service opportunity-sharing platform powered by the Blockchain which is accessible via our websites and mobile apps. Users can use the platform/ app to refer people to job or business service opportunities, and make money.

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Project Overview
Project Overview
Project description
Canlead comprises of a strong management team who is innovating and disrupting the traditional job and recruitment industry. Our job and business service opportunity-sharing economy model is inspired by Uber ride-sharing and Airbnb accommodation-sharing. Canlead self-governed ecosystem is unique where everyone is incentivised to grow their community, to prevent bogus profiles, fake adverts and false payments. The platform/ app supports GBP, USD, Euro and will support CAND, ETH, BTC and other major cryptocurrencies in the future.

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Token usage & ecosystem
At the centre of the Canlead ecosystem is a set of advanced Smart Contracts hosted on the Ethereum blockchain - it's open source. The approach to Tokenise Opportunities is based on the Canlead Fee Staking System Smart Contract (FairOp). It's similar to the blockchain voting system, where users spend the Opportunity Stake Token to advertise their job opportunities and the Referral Stake Token to refer candidates to these job opportunities and earn money.

The business model and tokenomics design has three features:

Deflationary Model
This is an innovative Deflationary Model that improves the quality of the CAND token, project and ecosystem.

Price Support Wall
The Price Support Wall will give rock-solid confidence to the project contributors that their stake will not drop drastically.

Defence Pool
The Defence Pool is a countermeasure that supports the CAND token during a market dump or volatility - a buyback option can be exercised to stabilise the CAND token price and improve the project financial position.

The smart contract design has three components:

FairOp (Fair Opportunity)
When the Customer lists the job opportunity with the success fee and the opportunity staking fee onto the opportunity board, the Sharing Service passes the staking fee in Canlead Token to the FairOp Smart Contract to open a contract. The staking fee confirms the commitment of the opportunity provided by the Customer and provides liquidity to the Canlead ecosystem. There is also a cancellation fee to deter bad actors. FairOp Smart Contract can be called by third-party services via the Canlead API.

FairOpMgr (FairOp Manager)
The Smart Contract Manager receives the user wallet addresses from the User Wallet Registry and passes them to the Smart Contract if they are verified successfully. Any unregistered or unrecognised wallet addresses that are trying to access the Smart Contract will be rejected.

FairOpReg (FairOp Registry)
The User Wallet Registry stores the user wallet addresses and passes them to the FairOpMgr for verification.
Launchpad Hard Cap
500 000 USD
Total Token Supply
1 000 000 000 CAND
Public Sale Token Price
0,033 USD (price in ETH will be determined on the 1st day of the IEO)
Launchpad Allocation
17 500 000 CAND
Token Type
Token Distribution
Use of funds
Team & Key Advisors
Michael Quan
Founder and CEO
Siri Narasimham
Business Director
Nito Martinez
Oussama Benjelloun
Marketing and Project Manager
Joseph Lee
ICO/ IEO and Tokenomics Advisor
Irina Spekman
Business and Funding Strategy Advisor
Michael Creadon
Marketing & Fundraising Advisor
Peter Gold
HR-Tech Industry Advisor
Asher Looi
Advisor Board, Project Advisor
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SHORTEX does not give any investment, legal, tax, financial advice or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising. Information on this webpage is presented by a project and is not endorsed or verified by SHORTEX unless it is explicitly stated.
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