Monster Byte is a licensed B2B blockchain iGaming operator who provides an end to end compliant solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and existing gaming operators, including some of the top EOS & TRON gaming Dapps. Monster Byte offers Provably Fair Games, a risk-free Sportsbook, a cryptocurrency "bankroll as a service" and wallet solutions in both direct API access or custom-built white-label offerings.

MonsterByte IEO
The project is not to disclose the data on the current fundraising campaign
Goal $525 000
Round 1 - 10% bonus - 16.09.2019 to 22.09.2019
Round 2 - 0% bonus - 30.09 to 6.10.2019

Buy tokens
Current MBT price
0.075 USD
Min purchase
10 USD
Round 1 - 10% bonus - 16.09.2019 to 22.09.2019

Round 2
- 0% bonus - 30.09 to 6.10.2019
Project Overview
Project description
Sports betting and online gambling is one of the best use cases for cryptocurrencies. Currently, online gambling as a whole is a $46 billion market yearly. Depending on estimates, it is expected to be approximately $53 billion yearly by 2020. Our mission has been to leverage the powerful nature of cryptocurrencies as the perfect medium for a fast, safe, and fun gaming chip.

Monster Byte is already revenue producing, with clients including Thundercore and the popular EOS dice site, Additionally, Monster Byte's Board of Directors includes legendary poker player, Jamie Gold.

Monster Byte's Provably Fair Casino Offerings include: Black Jack, Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat, and Hi / Lo, with additional games such as Slots in the works. In addition, Monster Byte's Sportsbook utilizes machine learning to determine the skill level of individual players, so that operators can hedge accordingly and protect themselves from sharp wagers. In practice, Monster Byte's Sportsbook operates risk-free.

Token usage & ecosystem
Monster Byte tokens are the preferred gaming token on MonsterGames, providing players with preferential VIP promotions, and increased Loss-Back percentages. Additionally, B2B clients will have reduced license fees if they pay in MBT.

Additionally, MBT will have a deflationary effect, all license fees paid in MBT will be burned, as well as structured token buy-backs from our incentive fund, which will also be burned. More information is available in our whitepaper.
Launchpad Hard Cap
525 000 USD
Total Token Supply
105 000 000 MBT
Public Sale Token Price
0,075 USD (price in ETH will be determined on the 1st day of the IEO)
Launchpad Allocation
7 000 000 MBT
Token Type
Token Distribution
Within 2 days after end of token sale
Token allocation
Use of funds
Marketing & Sales
Working Capital
Research & Development
Operations & Salaries
Universal Bankroll
Team & Key Advisors
Tim Walters
Jamie Gold
Brand Ambassador
Ray Hughes
Matthew Neumeier
Keith Erickson
Business Development
Theo Goodman
Marketing Lead
Tilda Publishing
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