Our mission is to give access to bring digital banking services to everyone so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom
SHORTEX is the first fully independent crypto ecosystem competing with fiat money and driving real crypto adoption worldwide. Within our ecosystem people can pay with crypto for products and services, can transfer digital assets to each other, trade and invest in promising crypto projects - all in one place!
Why we're doing it?
After years of experience in traditional financial services and in other cryptoexchanges our team have founded SHORTEX knowing all the pains and delivering better product to our customers. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds with hundreds of employees in >20 countries around the world and acknowledged the real use cases of crypto.
We've decided to move forward and to create a product which will disrupt current economy especially in undeveloped countries with weak local currencies and dictatorship in place. We're a diverse group of thinkers and doers that are dedicated to making banking services available for everyone.
For users
We are here to keep your funds safe while giving you access to them 24 hours 7 days a week. You can have access to your account even without an internet connection just by sending SMS with the transfer request.
For businesses
There are already more than 7 mln crypto users worldwide. You can already access them by integrating our cryptobutton to your website. Accept payments worldwide with only 0.5% fee instead of Visa and Mastercard without any chargebacks, rolling fees and frozen working capital. We can settle with you in any suitable for you currency.
For traders
Trade crypto with our open public api on reliable platform with 24/7 available support. We're aggregating liquidity from the real crypto transactions and you can help to make the capital markets more efficient by putting your capital into the right direction.
What we do
We're working for you in
Our representatives
Rodrigo Freitas
Regional Manager
Adedamola Oyebanji
Regional Manager
Raphael Shalaby
Regional Manager
Brazil, São Paulo
Nigeria, Lagos
UK, London
Grey Jabesi
Regional Manager
RSA, Cape Town
Juan Pablo Aguero
Regional Manager
Iyke Aru
Regional Director
Rebecca Cheung
Regional Manager
Spain, Madrid
Nigeria, Abuja
Hong Kong
Jeongjae Lee
Regional Manager
South Korea, Seoul
Sharp Ye
Regional Manager
Madhu Gupta
Regional Director
Mas Hihara
Regional Manager
China, Shanghai
Japan, Tokyo
Lenny Schutz
Regional Manager
Arsalan A Rahman
Regional Manager
Mathew E. Egu
Regional Manager
Philippines, Manila
India, New Delhi
RSA, Johannesburg
Jack Tsai
Regional Manager
Rohith Darisa
Regional Manager
Prashant Pandit
Regional Director
Indonesia, Jakarta
India, Bangalore
India, Mumbai
Sean Brizendine
Regional Manager
USA, California
Khaya Maloney
Advisor for Africa Region
RSA, Johannesburg
Anthony Johnson
Head of UK Operations
UK, London
Brady Williams
Head of US Operations
USA, San Antonio
Frederik Bussler
Due Dilligence & Projects Scoring Advisor
Japan, Tokyo
Sergey Sevantsyan
Chief Information Officer
Russia, Moscow
Join the revolution!
Since Satoshi first mined Bitcoin's genesis block in 2009, crypto has been changing the world - and the SHORTEX team is leading the charge. We're looking for talented, inspiring people who are passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream. If you're interested in joining SHORTEX, click the link below to learn more about all of our open job listings.